• The Company

    Willi Schüler Mineralöle, Freiburg (Germany)

    The wholesale company Willi Schüler Mineralöle sells high-quality lubricants for industry, trade and car dealership.

    The Project

    The ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the integration to the document management system Easy Archiv is the fitting solution for the midsize company to unite growth and flexibility also in the future.

    The frequent modifications of the purchase prices (which are customary to the oil industry) and the linked new calculation of the sales prices and sales commissions can be done automatically.

    The management benefits from the flexible multidimensional turnover and profit analysis. This is a sound basis for decisions to be made.

    The salesmen use a service portal which is seamlessly integrated . They have direct access from everywhere and can use all relevant data.

    The EDI module is the direct connection to the main supplier and has led to the fact that the customers can trust in rapid delivery which is highly competitive.

    Other Focal Points

    • Phone sales (call center module)
    • Sales commissions
    • CRM (among others: customer value analysis, customer contract management)